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NONTA, Northern Ontario Native Tourism AssociationNONTA, Northern Ontario Native Tourism Association

Thunder Bay, Ontario

mercredi 3 octobre 2007, par Mike Robbins

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Text : Mike Robbins

Keep Exploring Canada’s Fly-In First Nation Territories
The Northern Ontario Native Tourism Association (NONTA) was formed in 1987 as a non-profit corporation (NGO) to support First Nation members in the development and marketing of tourism facilities on a national and international scale. NONTA works to develop tourism businesses and programs with First Nation communities in ways that respect Aboriginal culture and protect the natural environment. In 2002 NONTA launched a unique new program for fully packaged catch-and-release fishing. Visitors are met at the international airport in Thunder Bay and transferred to the charter base for Wasaya Airways, a company with ownership vested in 8 remote First Nation communities. The visitors have a choice of flying to one of 12 outpost camps owned and operated by Aboriginal entrepreneurs who have each been fully trained by NONTA in business administration, management and guest safety. Each year a new camp is added to the inventory on a new lake for those looking for new waters that have not been fished. Each camp is located in the respective First Nations’ traditional territory and has rarely, if ever, been fished by outsiders. The result is a one-of-a-kind wilderness fishing trip combined with a native cultural experience.
These catch-and-release fishing packages can be purchased directly through NONTA’s subsidiary Moccasin Trails Fishing Inc. Those interested in eco-cultural tourism packages ranging from wilderness canoe trips to staying in a tipi to attending a traditional pow-wow can contact Moccasin Trail Tours.

Name of the person to be contacted : Tara Ingram
Address : 710 Victoria Ave East Suite 200
Thunder Bay Ontario Canada P7C5P7
Telephone : 807 623 0497
Fax : 807 623 0497
E-mail :
E-mail Mike Robbins :
Web site :
Langue : Anglais
Réservatoion : By phoning direct to NONTA or on the internet through one of NONTA’s tour operating subsidiaries. See Moccasin Trails Fishing above, or Moccasin Trail Tours for unique eco-cultural packages



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