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Ignacio Krell Rivera Ignacio Krell Rivera


lundi 2 mars 2009, par Sylvie Blangy

Ignacio Krell Rivera

Ignacio is a Chilean sociologist born in Santiago in 1979, and graduated from University of Chile in 2006. From 2004 to 2008, Ignacio performed as director of Trafkura Expediciones, a touristic joint venture with Mapuche-Pewenche communities of south central Chile (northern Patagonia)

As the director, Ignacio focused on creating responsible traveling options which are respectful to sustainable development issues and a means for strengthening local economies and indigenous title and rights.

During these years, he also worked as technical adviser for other rural tourism enterprises on the region, and also performed as social researcher, developing applied (judicial) research on sustainability, customary law, traditional knowledge, spirituality and indigenous rights.

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